$497.00 USD

MBSAQIP Accreditation Bundle

Save hours and hours of time by utilizing my tried and true standards templates and education modules!

What you'll receive immediately:

  • Sensitivity Training whiteboard video with supplemental handouts, quiz, and answer key. This is an 11-minute video.
  • Mobilizing the Patient with Obesity PowerPoint presentation with quiz and answer key. This is a 9-slide presentation.
  • Identification of Complications PowerPoint presentation with quiz and answer key. This is 41-slide presentation.
  • All modules can be uploaded to your CBL.

What you'll receive on 1.2.2024:

  • Customizable standard protocol for ALL standards - just add your logo, medical director, and coordinator names, and sign
  • Customizable documentation elements for each standard, for example:
    • Administrative letter of support
    • MBS committee charter, agenda, minutes
    • MBS director, coordinator, MBSCR job descriptions 
  • Full checklist to keep track of what's complete and what needs to be done

I've completed five renewal surveys, three new program surveys, and five of these were virtual. Two of the new program surveys were in 2023.

DISCLAIMER: the purchase and utilization of these standards does not imply or guarantee you will pass the survey. You still have to MEET all of the requirements. 

Neither the downloads nor the master class included are approved, endorsed, or sanctioned by the American College of Surgeons.